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This museum consisted of two museums, Natural Museum and Humanity Museum. They introduce the nature and humanities fields of Miura Peninsula. Ikokusen Torai Emaki, a picture scroll of the US fleet arrival, conveys the arrival of Matthew C. Perry (1794 – 1858), a Commodore of the United Sates Navy, who played a leading role in the opening of Japan, in 1853.
The Tokugawa Shogunate did not panic and observed calmly. The drawing described the Name of Masanobu Nishimura, Hoshi, an infantry retainer of the Shogunate, in the summer of 1853, describes a landing Kurihama Wharf and a march from the Kurihama Wharf to the reception place. In addition to the fleet and US Navy, their offering and belongings are drawn well and carefully.

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Cultural facilities are lined up along this road that connects the 9km prefectural road from Shibukawa city center to Ikaho Onsen, hot spring. Ikaho Onsen was described in Manyoshu, the 8th century anthology of Japanese poetry, which was loved by many literary people since the Meiji period (1868 – 1912), including Soseki Natsume (1867 – 1916), a Japanese novelist, best known around the world for his novel Botchan.
The road of art from the Japan Chanson Museum to the Memorial Literature Museum of Tokutomi Roka (1868 – 1927), dedicated to the Japanese writer and philosopher, has outdoor sculptures scattered along the way. You can encounter beauty anywhere.
– Manyoshu includes Azumauta, the poetry in eastern provinces, which were mostly love songs. Utagaki, the ritual event where young men and women gathered at special date and exchanged love songs, was popular in the eastern provinces since ancient times.

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Two American youths, Clyde Panghorn (1895 – 1958) and Hugh Herndon Jr. (1899 – 1950), flew off from the Sabishiro Coast of Misawa Village on October 4, 1931 at 7:01 am. They tried to become the first non-stop flight across the Pacific Ocean, in the airplane named Miss Veedol. After a flight of 41 hours and 10 minutes, she landed safely in Wenatchee, Washington USA, completing the great achievement.
At that time, Japan was in the Showa Depression (1930 – 1931) and the Tohoku Region had a hard year due to a bad crop and a famine. However, the people of Misawa village were actively performing volunteer work, such as runway maintenance. They were very grateful for the two Americans.

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This museum of literature is located at Otemon Plaza Hiroski Park – Hirosakijo Castle, which was built 400 years ago. It opened in 1990 and has a permanent exhibition room, the “Ishizaka Yojiro (1900 – 1986), Memorial Room”, by Yojiro Ishizaka, a writer who was born in a merchant family in Hirosaki City in 1900. Flowers do not bloom on the beautiful sandy smooth and dry sand soil, and unfortunately unexpected experiences make a large blossom at a later date.
Young people, do the great unfinished! – Wakaihito – A novel that takes place at the mission girls’ school in the northern district, depicts a trivial relationship among a fragile and vulnerable girl, a young male teacher, and a cool and intelligent colleague’s female teacher. Even with a unique living environment and dangerous sensitivity, the girl gains strength over her body, with the desire of the soul.

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