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This city that faces the mountains is the place where the Jomon period Clay Figure was founded and boasts the highest peach production in Japan.This city is also called Togenkyo, paradise on earth. Because the alluvial fan which spreads across on other side of Fuefuki River to flow through the center of the city, is stained pink with peach blossoms.
At the beginning of April, peach blossoms bloom all at once, and you can see a landscape of pink carpet with the back drop of the Southern Alps.

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“The circles consider the sun’s movements” -This site, from the later Jomon period, 4000 years ago, features two stone circles, each of which is surrounded by the remains of pillar-supported buildings and dumping grounds concentrically arranged. This formation required labor-intensity and a strong spirit.
The museum introduces earthenware, clay figure, and bell-shaped earthen products, excavated from the site of the Oyu Stone Circle, and conveys prayers for ancient death and rebirth, and festivals. You can see the world view in a circular or concentric shape that is not linear nor planar.

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The smiling stone figure from the last part of the Jomon period was excavated at a site on the river terrace, along the meandering Ani River, a tributary of the Yoneshiro River. It is 6.9cm high and made of soft stone tuff. The figurine was excavated from inside a groove that divided the interior and exterior of the settlement. Clay figures and earthenware for rituals were excavated together.
Currently, it is exhibited at the Jomonkan, located at the Isedoutai site of the late Jomon period, 4000 years ago. The Isedoutai site is mainly composed of stone circles, which used to be a special prayer place.

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“Jomon culture warms your heart!” – This museum is at the foot of the plateau of the Historic Isedotai Site from the later Jomon period, 4000 years ago, where four stone circles were . Guides to the Jomon festivals in the circles are provided to visitors. A Smiling Stone figure excavated in the Shirazaka Site from 3,000-2,000 years ago waits for you.
The site is located on the river terrace where the narrow Anigawa River meanders like an S. It is a tributary of the Yoneshirogawa River. The Smiling Stone figure was found at the site of settlements in the late Jomon period, 3,000-2,000 years ago. It is 6.9 cm high and made of soft tuff.
The Smiling Stone figure was excavated from the inside of a groove that divides the interior and exterior of the settlements. The clay figures and earthenware used for rituals are also excavated.

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